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We've smashed around £165k in revenue in the 1st year!

Hi Guys - Hope you are well and business is booming. Thought I'd touch base since it was a year ago I did my training (Architectural Window Tinting) with you.

I hit the ground running and launched UK Home Tint . I did my first job the very next day. Landed contracts all over the South West and recently secured a school partnership contract to tint 23 schools over the next 2 years!

We've smashed around £165k in revenue in the 1st year, and launch a brand new van in October and have a full time staff member.

Ryan, UK Home Tint - August 2023

Within my first two weeks I got my training money back!

"When conducting my research, out of the two main companies promising the window tinting training, I decided to go with Ultimate Tinting as they came across very honest and friendly but not pushy trying to get you in.
The info provided by Tim during our first call was good enough to make me decide to sign up. However, when at the training I was surprised to see the level of involvement and extras given. I received a basic tool kit right from the beginning and 1-2-1 training provided by John DenBrader who is an absolute pro at what he does.

The training structure was easy to follow and nothing was left out or uncovered. All my questions were answered and they even provided lunch and ensured that the accommodation and everything else was ok.

Following my training I went back (on a Wednesday) and that evening I also had my first car in. The client was happy and so was I as I was getting my money back sooner than I thought. At times when I was uncertain or I needed further advice, I called John or Tim and they always helped with no hesitation. Also the Ultimate Tinting forum is an amazing tool that provides you with info when you need it the most. The other people in the group are real professionals who will help with advice on everything re your business.

Within my first two weeks I got my training money back and for me this is just a second - part time job.
I remember the question that I always had in my mind before starting the training: "will I get my training money back?" Well the worst week situation (when I'm lazy and I need a break so I don't advertise) shows just over £500 with the best week being just over £1200 (once again this is a part time job for me).

I'd recommend Ultimate Tinting to anyone...otherwise you don't know what you'll get...."

Johnny Rosu

John or Tim are only a phone call away or you can look on the ultimate tinting private forum which I use almost every day

The reason I picked ultimate tinting was because when I talked with Tim he did not fill my head with crap. He talked me through what the window tinting course would be like and he left it up to me to decide if it was for me. When on the course John taught me everything I needed to know about window tinting. He showed me different techniques. What I liked most about the course was that John would show you how to do something then leave you to do it yourself so you could learn instead of me just watching how to do it. Then he would tell you what you done right or how you could do something better. After the success of the tinting course I then looked into the wrapping course and again Tim could not do enough for me. I had booked in to do the course then was told I'd be on jury service and i was afraid it would run on to the week I had booked into do my wrapping course but when I talked with Tim he said if we needed to do it a different time that was no problem but thankfully we did not need to do that. The wrapping course was as enjoyable as the tinting course.

The support you get after the course is first class also. If you have any question John or Tim are only a phone call away or you can look on the ultimate tinting private forum which I use almost every day. Being new to window tinting every time I have a new car come in the first thing I do is go to the forum to see how to de-trim a car. I would say this is the best thing about forum for myself.

Having only opened my own business in June 2016 I try to get one car a day so I don't put myself under to much pressure and even at this early stage I am able to make on a good week between £600-£700. I am sure in time and with more practice I will get quicker and will be able to book more cars in. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get into window tinting and/or car wrapping to give the guys at Tint School a ring and talk to Tim or John they will not put no pressure on you. It is definitely the best money I ever spent and I can not thank the guys enough for all there help.

Eamonn Glassey

John and Tim are always at the end of the phone for advice , I've even texted on an evening and had a reply which I think is amazing. Support from ultimate has been brilliant.

When I decided to get into the world of tinting I was moving into a whole new career. I contacted a few places but Tim wasn't a salesman and he didn't try to sell me a slick package. What he did do is he talked me through the process and what they did and from research I knew he'd been in the business a very long time so it was a no brainer to have them train me.

My training was with John and I really believe I couldn't have had a better teacher. Johns been around film for a very long time and knows everything there is to know about how to apply and manipulate it and that was very obvious within the first day of training.

John and Tim are always at the end of the phone for advice , I've even texted on an evening and had a reply which I think is amazing. Support from ultimate has been brilliant.

Being on the ultimate tinting website has been very good for business. Customers like the fact we're endorsed by ultimate tinting and it prompts them to contact us. On my best week of tinting cars and doing flat glass work I made over £1100 and although that's not a weekly achievement that was in my first year of trading, Tim told me tinting can be lucrative and he wasn't wrong.

Thanks for all your help boys.

I even went back to do their car wrapping course too!


"I can hand on heart say you will not find a better trainer for window tinting or wrapping out there"

Its been a few weeks since my brother (Aamir) and I (Muhammad) were on your course.  Aamir realised his final dissertation was due a month earlier than he thought and I was dragged across to Ireland for an Audit with work and in the last week have just become a dad again. We are now aiming to have our business up and running by the start of next month.

I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant and properly knackering week and a say a massive thank you to John our Tutor for sharing all his wisdom. I'm not normally one to write a review or testimonial but after the week we had with you guys I really felt I had no choice but to write one.

I am an Accountant by trade and over the last couple of years have been fed up of a 9 to 5 desk job. My younger brother  Aamir is a Media student who will be graduating in May 2013. We both have a passion for business and have been researching different businesses we could start up.  Although we have virtually no experience working with cars window tinting and wrapping seemed like a brilliant place to start mainly due to the low start up costs, exceptional margins and endless opportunities.

After months of researching different companies offering vehicle wrapping and tinting I found myself kept being drawn to your company. Although you weren't the cheapest you were the most genuine and having spoken to you on the phone I wasn't later hounded with sales calls or promotional material through the door. In fact the next time I spoke to you was 4 months later when I phoned you to book the course. We opted for the 8 day training course, 3 days tinting, 1 day flat glass and 4 days wrapping.

 I have to hand it to John our tutor, he is a phenomenal guy and most definitely a master of his trade. I can hand on heart say you will not find a better trainer for window tinting or wrapping out there. He had the mammoth task of training two complete novices with no experience whatsoever working with cars and on top of that he was to train us how to wrap on one of the most difficult vehicles. an Audi Q7. John has a wealth of experience in the industry and its highlighted in his teaching. He has an in-depth understanding of the tools used for wrapping and tinting and the material and their manufacturing processes. He encouraged us to ask as many questions as possible, no matter how trivial they may have sounded. John picked up on our strengths and weaknesses and although there were two of us on the course he gave us one on one training when we needed it. His training method is bar none and he will be straight with you when need be, which to be honest, is what you want when your paying to learn a trade.

The course is pretty full on and as much as we enjoyed it we were knackered by the end of it. The course provided plenty of practical experience and we were even given keys to the garage to practice as much as we wanted in the evening. We ended up working some very late nights to get the Q7 completely wrapped from black to white.

 As well as the training we were given contacts to the best suppliers in the industry and manuals and training guides on how to develop and expand our own business. Tim and John have done a brilliant job designing this course. My brother and I both felt Tint School is not simply a company chasing profits but instead is one that truly wants its trainees to succeed in their own business venture and Tim and John will pretty much support you where they can to get you where you want to be.

Aamir and I left the course not feeling like professionals but felt we were equipped with the necessary means to go out and start a business in vehicle wrapping and window tinting and in time hopefully become professionals in the trade. I would most definitely recommend Tint School to anyone looking to go into this trade as you simply will not get what you get with these guys anywhere else.

We have three cars lined up for wrapping next month and several for window tinting so will keep you posted how we get on.

A big thanks again.

Muhammad & Aamir Azhar

"real help is literally just a phone call away"

Hi Tim and John, Its been just over 2 weeks since I finished my tinting course with you and thought it was about time I let you guys know how good I thought your course was. I would like to thank John an awesome tutor and an excellent course. But its much more than just a course. All the things you get at the end of the course in literature is just something money cannot buy it would take us years to find this kind of information out. Also the forums on your website are a fantastic help. On top of all that the real help is literally just a phone call away on two different occasions I have spoken to both Tim and John and the help from both has been tremendous. Here's to the future guys and I will see you next year on my wrapping course.

Stuart Lee

"Unlike the 'competition', you didn't bombard me with emails or phone calls"

I went with an Ultimate course because I felt most at ease with you on the phone!  Unlike the "competition", you didn't bombard me with emails or phone calls, you answered all my questions with honest answers & left me to come to my own conclusion.

The course was pretty much what I had hoped it would be, although I'm very glad I went with the 4 days and not 3 - I hate to think how late the nights would have been - as it was I stayed practising until gone 10:30pm on 2 nights!

I really like how laid back the courses are, and that it is 1 on 1 - I don't think I'd have got anything like as much out of the course if there had been a group of people.  I will be back to do a tinting course with you despite the distance from Kent - I can't imagine being trained by a better company!


"Anyone is wanting to start auto tinting this is the course to do"

Hello Tim. Thanks for a great auto tint course. If anyone is wanting to start auto tinting this is the course to do. After looking at sites about auto tinting i kept on going back to Tims site and finally got in touch with Tim and i am pleased i did. From the first minute i spoke to Tim i knew this was the course to take.  Tim put me at ease. There was no pressure off him, he answered all my questions i wanted to know so i booked the course and i was not let down.

There is no classrooms. It is one to one training EXCELLENT.  Tim knows so much about the tinting industry. This is the course to come to even the griffin pub is so friendly i could go on and on. Don't waste your time looking any where else believe me this is the one.

Ps thanks tim for information and help i'n helping me set up my own unit hope to see you soon.

Paul (Glareguard)

TIMS REPLY:  Cheers for that Paul. Paul had previously been a flat glass tinter for the last 15 years and decided to move into automotive.  We train lots of flat glass guys and they've all gone on to be very successful. So book yourself onto the course that the professionals choose!!!

Tinting & wrapping!

Hiya Tim, Just wanted to thank you and John for a brilliant, if knackering week. (tinting & wrapping). The course far exceeded my expectations. All going well, "PRIMO-TINTS" will be up and running as soon as the building work on the garage is completed. I have registered on the forum and plan on making it to the meeting in November.


"very impressed with the amount of practice time that we had..."

After several years of bring stuck in the same role I decided to do something different and as I had always wanted to work with cars and as I was to old to retrain as a mechanic, tinting I thought was the way to go. After hours of scouring the Internet I kept going back to the ULTIMATE TINTING website, and then after speaking to Tim I decided it was the right choice and signed up for the course. The course is very indepth and covers much more than I thought.  I was very impressed with the amount of practice time that we had over the week which covered various senarios on cars and how to also tint flat glass.  Tim is an excellent trainer with patience for the most menial questions we had/have. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their tinting career. Hope this is of some help.


"...i wasted a whole lot of time and money trying to teach myself..."

I currently work in our family business  that is car valeting and auto body repairs, when the recession kicked in i felt we needed to keep on our toes so i looked into something that could enchance our services. i decided to look into the automotive tinting.  basically i wasted a whole lot of time and money trying to teach myself buying dvds online ebooks running upquite a large bill and after that i was no further, i decided enough was enough and researched training courses that was close to me i found a few but out of them all tims tint school seemed the  most professional and his people skills was second to none, within the 3 days i found out tips and tricks of the trade that money simply could not buy. i recommend  the tint school to anyone who is serious about  learning this skill properly, dont waste your time with anyone else.

Chris, Ireland.

"...came away knowing I could do this on my own..."

When I decided that window tinting was the way forward for me, I knew very little about it so when searching for advice and training it was of utmost importance to me that my training was professional, understandable and most importantly in-depth.

Having spoken to others in the same field, when I first spoke with Tim I came away thinking here was someone who was communicating on my level and who I felt I would gain most from.

The training course was confidence giving and hands on, so I came away knowing I could do this on my own but also that if I needed it I had Tim's experience on the other end of the phone.

Tom Dickerson, F1 Tinting

"Tim collected me from the airport and we got started straight away"

I chose to do this course with tint school as I had spoke to Tim months before hand and he was always very helpful, I got back in touch with Tim at the start of this year and chose the three day automotive tint course as advised by Tim.

Once I arrived Tim collected me from the airport and we got started straight away. He is always there to help you throughout every stage and trust me you can ask him anything and he will have the answer.
I would always recommend Tim to anyone and to do his courses as they are all 1 to 1 no groups. The knowledge training and advice I got from Tim was amazing and even still now he will ring to see how I am getting on and any silly questions I may have he will still answer.

I have not only learnt from the best guy out there but also made a great true helpful friend. Thanks Tim

James Palmer, Isle of Man

"Very Satisfied"

I was very satisfied with Ultimate Tinting's training course. The 3-day course is totally one-to-one and very hands on. Tim really knows his tinting and seems to enjoy passing on his expertise. I have now been tinting solo for a couple of months and when I have a problem Tim is always the other end of a phone call and always happy to help. I would recommend this course to anyone planning on a potentially lucrative career in tinting and I urge people not to compromise for a cheaper course.

David Newson, Direct Tint, Lancaster

"at night I had access to tims workshop to practice on my own which was great"

Hi Tim I would like to personally thank you for your all your help, reassurance, the advice & expertise skills shown on your window tinting course.

For those reading this: Ii decided to add window tinting as an extra to my graphic signmaking business, ive been working at signs / vinyls for almost twenty years & I learned alot from this course, & it  was a big help to even cleaning preparation for sign panels etc which I thought I had mastered.

I googled "window tinting courses" tim was the first person I contacted, as above on our telephone calls he reassured me that if I listened , practiced & if Ii was determined I should be able to tint before I left after my 3 days... and he was right. though I will say tinting isnt easy to start off, there will be sweat & tears... it will take weeks but it gets better & better with practice / patience  and every car is different.

I also liked that at night I had access to tims workshop to practice on my own which was great, after returning home to ireland Ii was a bit nervous about when id take my first car.... after a bit of practice I threw myself into the deep end & tinted a 3door mark5 golf... 6 months on & great portfolio I havnt looked back since

I would highly recommened this one to one course, its a one stop shop as well, ive been buying my tinting films / tools  of "ULTIMATE TINTING"  which are easy to work with & customers like the tone of the colours. delivery is excellent & most of all the important thing to me is Tim is always at the end of the phone if I have any queries or problems  & if hes busy he will always phone you back...thats priceless!

Miss Aisling Dooris, Enniskillen

"you will learn the simplest and most effective ways to do every step necessary"

The short version is: When I first spoke with Tim on the phone I asked him, whether I would be able to tint a simple car on my own after the training is complete. His answer was a firm "yes". Later I found out he was being modest. After the training I could take on any car that came my way. Thank you Tim (again and again and again!).

If you are in for the long version then keep on reading. I think that the most important aspect of Tim's training is, simplicity. I tried to tint cars before taking the training. I managed to do a few, somehow, someway. Every single minute I was tinting I was continuously asking myself: Am I doing this right? Will this shrink? There must be a way I can cut this better. Why do I have so much contamination?

With Tim, you will learn the simplest and most effective ways to do every step necessary. After the training you will know what to do, when to do it and most importantly WHY to do it. This will built up your confidence.

Prior to the training, Tim was very helpful and patient over the phone. He took the time to answer all of our questions and explain to us, step by step, what the training is about. Had no problem arranging the training over a weekend. He picked us up from Manchester airport. He arranged for us a room in a lovely pub just across the street from the workshop (If you stay there you have to try the double burger, the spicy chicken and the veg soup!). He gave us the keys to the workshop in case we wanted to practice later in the evening, or make an early start next day. He even gave us the keys to a nice little hatchback in case we wanted to drive into town. Everything around our trip and our training was made so pleasant that I was able to relax, train and enjoy it.

Ps. By the end of day #2, I was able to heat shrink and install the rear screens of the VW Golf Mk5 and Peugeot 205, flawlessly!

Vasileios Pappas - GREECE



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