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As Arthur Clark wrote at the beginning of his epic novel "The Reunion with Rama", "Sooner or later, it will definitely happen. Therefore, it is a replacement for the caliber 1861 Moonwatch, with a new version, using co-axial caliber 1861. Omega replica watches company announced an upgraded version of the 1861 caliber in March 2019 — the new version, caliber 3861, first appeared in the gold Apollo 11th anniversary limited edition. Since then, it has appeared in two watches — In May 2019, in the Apollo 1150 anniversary limited edition, made of stainless steel; then, in October 2020, in the 50th anniversary of "Silver Snoopy" Omega Speedmaster Replica (this model has proven to be very popular, despite the fact that it is not a limited edition, extremely difficult to get).

Today Omega finally announced that we almost all know that it is inevitable: a standard-made Moonwatch watch, but with co-axial escape equipment, the Master Chronometer-certified caliber 3861. Caliber 1861 will cease, marking what until now is the newest heir to the original caliber 321, which has been running for about 50 years in production of Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (caliber 861/1861 began to replace the 321 in 1968/69).

The copy Omega Speedmaster with new caliber 3861, in one aspect, is still a Moonwatch. Some of them are just a matter of not interfering with a design, it has become one of the great icons of modern watchmaking, and some of them are pragmatic. Omega Replica obviously hopes that the 3861 Moonwatch will continue to pass the traditional flight of Omega, and the new 3861 Moonwatch is because it continues to insist on the configuration of the flight qualification NASA, and is also certified for manned space flight. It is still the only flight-qualified watch suitable for EVA-quartz watches, especially watches with LCD displays, are very susceptible to temperature changes, and the fact that LCD is often damaged by temperature during spacewalks continues to make moon watches — Whether it was 1861 or now, 3861-has also become a useful watch in the cruel environment of interplanetary space.

With the new movement, the latest version of the Moonwatch also gets a new bracelet — there are five links per row, and each link is smaller than the previous bracelet, it looks like it should be lighter and more comfortable to wear. In addition to Hesalite crystal 3861, three other Swiss Replica Watches with cal. 3861 were announced, one of which is sapphire crystal; one in 18k Canopus gold and one in 18k Sedna gold.

We said that it is difficult for you to distinguish the difference between the 1861 Moonwatch and the 3861 Moonwatch, but the truth is, I think many of us also have a hard time distinguishing the difference between 1861 and 3861. These two actions at first glance (maybe the second or even the third) are almost identical. Both use the same lever and cam switching system chronograph, this is the first time that the transition from 321 to 861 is introduced, and the general layout of plates, bridges, jewelry, and other components is almost the same from 1861 to 3861. The new 3861 Moonwatch also has design elements from the vintage ref. ST 105.012, including a 90-point bezel and a stepping dial. But don't worry, there are many top fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches for sale on the replica watches UK online store.

However, a significant difference is the configuration of the balance spring. The high-end replica Omega Speedmaster Movements: Caliber 1861 uses a fairly standard voltage regulator to scan, which controls the effective length of the flat Nivarox-type balance spring and is used to fine-tune the watch. After careful study of the caliber 3861, it was found that there is no such adjuster on the contrary, the 3861 uses a free spring, an adjustable mass balance and a silicon balance spring, which allows the crescent watch to be the main chronograph specification of 0/+5 seconds per day run within (this is the official specification, but I haven't had a Master Chronometer/METAS-rated watch under review, and have not maintained a noticeably closer rate — they seem to hover around half a second a week, in real-world conditions). In my opinion, if you have a lot of money and want to buy Swiss grade AAA 1:1 Omega Replica Watches from the online shop, you are making the right choice.

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