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No experience needed
Learn from the best
Easy to follow techniques
Professional tools supplied
Business advice
Full certificate
All the on going support you need
You do not work on our customers cars, or even watch us working “on the side”, our time is 100% dedicated to training you.

Our GUARANTEE to you includes:

A full, 9am – 5pm training day, minimum.
1-2-1 training, just you and John. No strangers , no groups
The opportunity to work on into the evening if you wish
A professional tool kit to get you going
Training in a real world environment, no classrooms here.
You work on our car, an actual car, not the odd panel stuck to a wall.
We provide all the vinyls required so you get to use different types of vinyl and learn the difference between them.
Lunch is provided, and as much tea, coffee and water as you can cope with.
Theoretical training, learn about different types of vinyl.
Learn how to price jobs
Warranty and legal issues
As much hands on practice as required
FREE refresher help, if required.

2 day intensive course

We’re often asked “can we learn wrapping in 2 days?” and the answer is yes. Because all our courses are GUARANTEED 1-2-1 you’re hands on from the start, no sitting around watching other people do it. YOU do it from 9 till 5




People Trained







We Have Been Training Clients for 20+ Years

The course is just the start, it's afterwards that we excel. Read on, you'll see...


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