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Online Architectural Tinting course! Showing how you too can make £200+ per hour or even over £1000 a day. Full course online, 7 modules, easy to follow instructions and videos, everything you'd learn on the 1-2-1 course, just online. Learn at your own pace, payment plans too!

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Let me show you how you can easily make over £1000 a day, everything is provided, you don’t need premises, all you do need is a car , a phone and a ton of enthusiasm . You are selling and installing a product that actually works and will quite often change people lives.

Ok, now, I’m sure your first instinct was “rubbish, another internet scam”. Please read on and I will prove to you how this is possible. I’ve done it many many times over the years, £1000, £2000 and on one occasion over £3000+ PER DAY for 3 consecutive days ! Not just me, but many many people we trained over the last 20+ years have too. Big companies have been doing this for years don’t forget.

My name is Tim Haywood, and I’ve been training window tinters and helping them set up a tinting business for the last 20 years , together with John DenBraber we built up the largest professional tinting network in the UK.

I started training people in the very early 2000’s and John has been training since the mid 90’s. We know what we’re doing. We are also the only independent  training company entrusted to train for Llumar Widow Films, the largest supplier of window film globally.  We’re the only manufacturer backed training company in the UK, we’re also the only dedicated training facility in the UK.

Long story short, In August 2022 I had a heart attack, completely out the blue, but it made me revaluate my life. Recovering at home, the month after, I got to thinking how can I make easy money, no stress. Well, for me, the answer was easy, flat glass! This is the tinting of architectural glass, for a variety of reasons, to reduce heat, reduce glare, provide privacy etc etc.

So I concentrated  hard in September, worked quite easily,  and made over £7000 while only working a couple of days a week throughout the month, and I can prove this to you, I’ll show you my bank statement for September..

While I was doing this work, I was thinking “this is so easy” I need to structure and create a purely dedicated Flat Glass course, with everything provided for you to set up your own architectural tinting business. All you need to do is find your customers, but we even provide customised promotional material to help you do this too.

Now I must point out here, the £1000 a day will not happen every day, you can’t charge £1000 to tint 4 bifold doors. But you can charge that to tint 15, and I’ve done house’s with 15 bifold doors , and more. You can easily charge £1000+ and then some,  to tint a small to medium sized conservatory!

Not many people are aware of window tinting for home ( I, personally, concentrate on tints for residential property, ) but it is getting more popular. As I sit here writing this early February, I’ve already done 6 flat glass jobs for the year totalling over £3000 and the sun hasn’t even come out yet.


The Business...

You show me a piece of glass, and I’ll give you a viable reason to apply some sort of window film to it. What this means is that everywhere you look , you have a potential customer. I honestly believe there is no better small business that costs so little to set up and you can make such great returns, so quickly.

  • Valeting business:Needs premises or a van, max they could realistically earn a day would be about £300.00 and its hard, cold and wet work. Market = dirty cars

  • Wheel refurbishment business: Needs premises or a van, realistic earnings £400-£500 a day. Market = Scuffed alloys plus very expensive to set up.

  • Car dent removal business: Need a van and expensive tools and a huge amount of experience. Realistic earnings £300-£400 a day if you’re good. Market = dented cars

  • Architectural Tinting: Your existing car, realistic earnings if you work a full day upwards of £1000+. Market = EVERYWHERE you have glass!

We've smashed around £165k in revenue in the 1st year!

Hi Guys - Hope you are well and business is booming. Thought I'd touch base since it was a year ago I did my training (Architectural Window Tinting) with you.

I hit the ground running and launched UK Home Tint . I did my first job the very next day. Landed contracts all over the South West and recently secured a school partnership contract to tint 23 schools over the next 2 years!

We've smashed around £165k in revenue in the 1st year, and launch a brand new van in October and have a full time staff member.

Ryan, UK Home Tint - August 2023

The Course...

So, assuming you have a car and a phone, that is all you need. Yep, that’s it. We will provide pretty much everything else you will need to get going. So what’s included?

1 day, guaranteed 1-2-1 training, from the most experienced in the business.
1 nights premium hotel accommodation
Realistic training environment .
All theory and practical instruction with a certificate on completion.
All the necessary tools you’ll need are provided.
All ongoing support, we’re always just a phone call away.
Access to all our suppliers.
No need to stock films, they’re all available with next day delivery.
Advice on setting up and running your own business.


Our Work - Some Examples


2 days work


2 days work


1.5hrs work


2hrs work


5hrs work


3 days work, 2 people £16,800
(The film was expensive !!)



People Trained







We Have Been Training Clients for 20+ Years

The course is just the start, it's afterwards that we excel. Read on, you'll see...


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