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Hello and welcome to my Tint School site...

Established in 2003, we are the UK's ORIGINAL, independent window tinting training centre, often copied but NEVER duplicated. PLEASE do have a really good read through our entire site. My introduction is written to make you think of things you won't necessarily have thought about, and to show you what WE can offer you. So go and grab a cuppa and read on...

Firstly I need to point out that we're not like our competitors, some companies will hound you with sales emails & phone calls, they'll get your details from the form you MUST fill in before you're allowed to access their site! Don't believe me, then try it and you'll see. You will come across them in the course of your research and all I can say is if they're that desperate, that should set your alarm bells ringing. We instantly give you full access to our site, our previous customers, even me, the mobile number you can see at the top is my personal phone, so if you've a question just call me, 7 days a week... No un-informed sales girls here. Deal DIRECTLY with the people who will train you and who know what they're talking about..and don't let ANYONE force you into a decision. You make up your own mind..In your own time.

Also, window tinting needs to be learnt by HANDS ON TRAINING, not by You-Tube, not sitting behind a desk in a classroom, and definitely not by expensive on-line courses!  You need to be shown how the film is fitted by an experienced trainer, not by pictures on a computer. 

We do strongly encourage you to do your research, and when you speak to other training facilities ask them where they learnt, because for most of them, it was here..

John at "Learn To Tint" .                           Taught him
David at "Direct Tinting"                             Taught him
Mark at "Cool Tints"                                  Taught him
Paul at "PW Pro".                                      Taught him
David at "Window Tinting Lancaster"        Taught him

Even helped the owner of Master Tinting a lot in his early days.....

Everyone assumes training is easy, but to do it well, is an art and we're VERY good at it. We've taught hundreds of courses since 2003. Most of those just mentioned were still in school then! Think about that... A trainer needs experience, a good trainer needs A LOT OF EXPERIENCE. I tinted my first car in 1988 (my black mini 1275GT) that was before a couple of those mentioned earlier were even born LOL!  What you're paying for with us is the GUARANTEE that we know what we're doing...

Don't get me wrong, a couple of them are VERY good tinters and 1 is a VERY good wrapper, BUT can they get their skills across to you in just 3 days? Not only can we do it, but we have stacks and stacks of TRUE testimonials to prove it to you too..... This is how we've grown into the largest professional tinting network in the country, by miles.. Most have tied to copy us, but have failed. PLUS we're the ONLY training company confident enough to offer you a money back, peace of mind, guarantee, should we not be able to train you, and just so you know, this has never happened...

We don't have set dates for our 1-2-1 courses, we work around YOU, our customer. We understand that a lot of you will still be working, so weekend courses are not a problem, and NO extra charge. We are as flexible as we can be to help YOU..

"A MASSIVE well done to Ian, our trainer from "Tint School Spain"  who recently (October 2011) took part in a huge European tinting competition in Paris. AND WON!!! Well done mate, nice one"

In 2013 we did over 45 courses between myself, John & Ian, for customers (now friends) from Wales, England, Scotland, Southern and Northern Ireland, Spain and all over Europe. Some of them, with our guidance, even made their course fee back within a month!!

Here is our Workshop. This was a nice day: £220 for the freelander, £220 for the Audi & £280 for the 7 Series. Started at 8.30am &  home for 4pm.

We are the ONLY company to give you FREE access to a private on- line forum, designed to help you from the start. Our forum now has over 3500 posts! It is still only open to people who’ve done our full 1-2-1 courses.

We are the ONLY company that has the ability to offer you your “own page” (including your own gallery, testimonials section, location map, editorial section etc etc ) and get you to the top of Google in your area, on the UK’s largest window tinting web-site “ULTIMATE TINTING”. Yes, that’s us too. This site regularly has between 10-10,000 hits a month now, and between everyone, it generates £100,000’s a year for them. We can offer this to you for the price of less than a decent single car tint a month!

If you wish, we can also directly supply you with what I consider to be, for the money, the best car and building window films and also tools on the market. It’s taken me a long time to find this quality of film. You don’t have to take my word for it that it’s brilliant, in the first 2 months of sales 26 of the 30 “experienced” tinters who have sampled it, now use it! Now many years on we have hundreds of happy customers. Those statistics surely speak for themselves.

We are the ONLY company to regularly hold FREE “get togethers”.  Basically they are like an informal meeting, where previous trainees get together to network and put names to faces of people they talk to on the forum and basically just chat about any problems they’re experiencing. We talk over new sales ideas, ideas for the web-site and forum etc . Our 2014 meeting had over 30+ attendees and we all got some very good ideas, now implemented, for our web-sites.

A Couple Of Pics From Our 2014 Meeting This March

Our most successful meeting yet with 30+ people attending. We had 2 guys from Germany and the United States flyover to give us demonstrations, and our trainers were there from the UK, Germany and Spain too..
An EXCELLENT 2 days..

BUT most importantly of all, our after sales is THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY.. You just try to get hold of other trainers, for example, at the weekend or in the evening. Answer Phone.. We're pretty much always at the end of the phone when YOU NEED US, and this alone is why some people choose our courses, because they've heard that we still look after our trainees AFTER THE COURSE, for as long as they need us.

OK so far?  My name is Tim and I started “Tint School” in 2003,  and I’ve been tinting since the late 90’s. I don’t pretend to be the best tinter in the world but what I am is consistently very good and very quick. I use a sequence and it’s this sequence that we'll be showing you. My courses have been recommended by nearly all the major window film suppliers in the country but funnily this has stopped since I’ve started supplying my own films.

It has been my dream for the last 10+ years, to have the largest professional tinting network in the UK. This finally happened in 2010 when we set up our 10th “franchise”. My job now is to carry on my training courses, grow the network, build the “Ultimate Tinting” brand and keep all my previous trainees happy. I’m not going to be able to please everyone but sure I’m about 99% there.  I try and be totally open, I have nothing to hide, EVERYTING on this site is true, all the TESTIMONIALS are untouched from how they were sent to us by our previous trainees. Please do your research, I have no problem with you contacting my previous trainees and I’m sure they won’t mind.

When you come on our courses, please bear in mind, we're not there to be nice to you (but we are) and be “yes“ men and say “ah don’t worry, it’ll be ok”. This will not help you. If you don’t get it right, we're going to tell you straight, and make you do it again and again till you do get it right. The guys from Greece were in my unit till 11pm on a Sunday evening, practicing, and perfecting the techniques they’d learnt during the day. You’ll get a key to our unit when you come, for exactly this reason,  you need to practice and practice and practice. But you know what, you’ll love it, you’ll learn so much, you’ll have a laugh and you’ll also have fun. 

Here is the tint bay. Nothing fancy, but very functional and clean, it does exactly what I need it to.

The point I’m trying to make here is that in keeping everyone happy by offering an outstanding service, the best learning environment and the best products, I hope you will want to join, and more importantly, stay on my web-site and will want to carry on buying film & tools from me. I’m not forcing anyone to do these things, I need to make you want to do this. And if I can achieve this, my business will grow by itself. So it really is in my interest to be the best I can, FOR YOU. If you succeed, so do I.

Hopefully you can see now that I’m in this for the long term, not just in making a few quick quid for a tint course, if anything the actual course is just the tip of the iceberg.  I’m not a tinter offering training as a side line. I’m not a film supplier cramming as many people onto a course to generate a few quick bucks and sell a bit of film. They get paid regardless, I get paid on results! These people don’t care about you.  I do.

 It is this reasoning, the fact that I want you, no, need you to succeed that has help us grow to be so successful. It is still just myself & John in Britain and Ian in Spain & Olaf in Germany. We don’t have any fancy large industrial buildings, just very functional, clean and tidy small units. I’m based in North Wales, in the middle of nowhere, so if I can make a go of it here, you can't fail.

"The view only a short walk from our unit in Wales, so bring some hiking boots too if you like."

You don’t need premises to work from but it definitely helps and I would highly recommend it, just come and see mine and you’ll soon realise how little you actually need to set up a successful tinting business. Your biggest actual investment is in the training, get this bit right and hopefully everything else will fall smoothly into place. Choose the wrong course and you’ll struggle. DO YOUR RESEARCH. No one else can even come close to offering you what we can. My business has been built up over many many years. I still love it, I still enjoy it, I do well out of it and I’m very good at it. As the business grows I get even more enthusiastic and come up with new ideas which go to benefit everyone, so watch this space.

OK, decision time, if this isn’t what you’re looking for, then good luck in your search, I wish you all the best. However, if I’ve got you interested then do please read on. There is an awful lot of information on my site. Read it, then read it again and call me, my number is 07919 891 011 and it will be me who answers, no stupid call centres here. If I’m doing a course or a tint I may ask to call you back in the evening.

Welcome to Tint School Window Tinting Courses...

We will now go into more detail about the options and courses open to you but firstly an insight into the tinting business itself. As previously mentioned you will see that this site is designed to:

  1. Give you an insight into the highly profitable window tinting business.

  2. Provide you with a range of options on how to enter into this wonderfully profitable world. Whether it is a 1-2-1 "learn to tint" course, our NEW, GROUP COURSES or full on "Ultimate Tinting" business. ( This is NOT a franchise)

  3. We are also  able to offer you the  opportunity to join the UK’s largest and fastest growing NATIONAL NETWORK of professional independent tinters. We have over 30 guys onboard now (just have a look at the "Contact Us" page of the Ultimate Tinting site) and are getting  new businesses on board EVERY MONTH.  Our ULTIMATE TINTING site generates £100,000’s a year,  split amongst the guys on it. YOU too can now have a piece of this!

    And finally

  4. What to look for when your deciding who's course to do, this could be your future so choose VERY carefully.  Do LOTS of research.

I should also mention, that you’re always more than welcome to come to our workshop and have cup a tea and a nose around before you commit yourself. Actually I positively encourage it!

Spanish NOW OPEN "TINT SCHOOL SPAIN"  - find out more...



There are news sections, information sections , sales ideas, and more importantly help sections, where you are able to log in and hopefully get information on the job your about to do, not just from me, but you can pick the brains of everyone else too. It's there to help YOU. We have a de-trimming section with over 600 cars in it now. This section is brilliant for beginners, it details whether you need to remove door trims and if so, how to. FANTASTIC, AND IT'S FREE!!!!!

Now in we have over 120+ members and over 3500 posts, so a big thanks to everyone who has contributed. All this, makes our forum the largest forum in the country and one of the largest worldwide. It's still ONLY available to people who've completed my course.

"Absolutley worth it's weight in gold, having access to this forum with all it's de-trimming info, and the fact that it's free, is incredible" Said John from JB Tints

We start our meetings inside, hooked up to the internet, going through our web-site and forum, making sure everyones happy with what we're doing and talking through any new ideas people have. It's YOUR web-site and forum so we are constantly adding what YOU want to see.   This was taken outside The Griffin, we had a fantastic turn out for our November 2011 meeting, almost 30 guys, including some I trained 5-6 years ago. When you join us you join our family. These meetings are a great way to network and put faces to names off our Private Forum. Thanks everyone for making the effort to come.
To be honest the meetings tend to start like this, on the previous evening. What a cracking party this was November 2011 !! A few sore heads the morning after...    

Started in 2011, we now supply our own tools and exclusive window film, for cars and buildings. This was a massive step to take and required a huge amount of investment and research. The film is top notch and sourced from one of the biggest suppliers in Europe, the tools come from the States. It was quite a risk for us to do this, but due to the quality, ease of use and price of our products it has been fantastically received by everyone who’s tried it and this business has been growing every month. Truly phenomenal.


DOOM & GLOOM, DOOM & GLOOM. That’s all you heard on the radio and saw on the TV for the last few years. But now it really seems to be picking up. There is plenty of work out there if you get out and look for it. The days of just sitting back and letting the work come to you are pretty much over.  However, people will still pay good money to get a good job done, they are now realising that the guy who does the £99 full tint job at the side of the road, actually isn’t very good. Poor customer service , poor quality of work, next to no warranty, generally just a bad experience from start to finish.

What those tough times have done is make people more careful with the money that they do spend. I see it all the time. When I now get tinting enquiries, I spend more time talking to people, finding out their needs, spending time with them,  it’s not rocket science, be different to the others out there, be more professional, be confident, and you WILL get the work. The easiest thing in the world is to drop your price. Put it like this, I’d rather do one Toyota Land Cruiser for £300.00 than 3 for the same money, and if this means that I have to spend more time with someone to get that job, then so be it. People aren’t stupid, they realise that you get what you pay for and the majority of these people will pay for a good service. This is where we come in, not only do we do excellent tint installs ( yes YOU too will be at a high level after my course, but not an expert. I can’t stress enough that PRACTICE, PRACTICE & PRACTICE is so essential, it takes time to develop and hone your skills and confidence) but we provide a professional, friendly service too.

So it’s not just tinting that you will learn on our courses, it’s the methodology & sales techniques that we discuss too, this is all part of running a business. This I personally think is vital, it’s no good being an exceptionally good tinter if you can’t get any customers, is it?

If at any time something doesn’t make sense or you don’t believe me, then just pick up the phone and call me. Simple. Please don’t be frightened or embarrassed to ask questions as it is the only way you’ll learn and progress.

OK, so you have almost decided that window tinting is the business for you, and quite correctly too. I can not think of another business that costs so little to set up, and that can return such high profits so quickly. Also this is a perfect business if you are thinking of moving abroad! Once you've learnt how to do it you can go anywhere to set up. Tinting is a global business.

Not a word of a lie, I've shown people how to set up a tint bay and how to tint and they have made the cost of their course back within a fortnight !!!!

"How is this possible?"I hear you say.

Well, for example I can tint a new Range Rover easily within 3 hours; the retail price is £340.00, the cost of the tint, £25 maximum. I'll let you do the maths! This happens time and time again within an ever increasing market.

I hope your shopping around to find best courses available, well if it is the cheapest your looking for, keep looking, I'm sorry but it's so true in this game "you get what you pay for" but I will say I'm no where near the most expensive. My 2 nearest competitors, the other "trainers”, copy my site and ideas, so beware. Ah Ha, but how do YOU know that it’s not me copying them, easy, I taught one of them and helped the other when he started out, which was only a few years ago. I didn’t even begin to attempt training other people until I’d been tinting for over 6 years, then I saw a gap in the market for quality 1-2-1 courses. That was 11 years ago. Speak to any professional tinter, and they will tell you that EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING.  Also, my one-to-one  courses are, one-to-one, guaranteed, unless you choose to bring a friend/partner. Remember what I was saying about cheap tint jobs, the same applies to training courses.

Please also note that everything on my site is true, AND I can back it up. All my testimonials are true, you can speak to the guys, some of them even put their phone number on. I don’t make any wild, and blatantly untrue statements, for example on my friend from Master Tinting and Tint Academy (its the same company), Ollie or Guy or what ever he’s calling himself these days, have a look at his Eclipse tinting site. Several years ago he claimed to have “worked for over 35 different main dealer franchises and over 5000 private customers”. I helped him when he started out it 2006, well 36 months later, if he'd done that, where’s my calculator, that’s almost 5 cars a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from the day he started. YEA really? Now this doesn’t even include the 35 different main dealer franchises. People come to me with horror stories about this company. Why would you call yourself 2 different names, why won’t you admit to being the owner? Why is it that some of his ex franchisees come to me for help, or some of his previous trainees come to me to learn how to tint properly?? (Graham’s testimonial, for one).

Now we have a lot of this ex-trainees using our film. IF you do choose this companies course, that's fine, but do keep our number for when you need help in the future and don't get it from them, or you need window film. Our Ultimate Carbon window film  is no where near as expensive and FAR EASIER TO USE. That's what their trainees tell us. Try it..

David’s own testimonial (Direct-Tint - now called Window Tinting Lancaster?) is priceless “I urge people not to compromise for a cheaper course”. Why thank you David. Have I got anything new here that you want to copy from my site? I actually had a nice e-mail from him the other day requesting that I remove his testimonial, and can we still be friends, to which I replied that if you copy stuff from my site, live with the consequences, you did write it after all. GET YOUR OWN IDEAS PLEASE!!

Please understand that I’m all for competition, I welcome it, as it makes me constantly need to keep on top of my game. HOWEVER, how can I compete with people who use my own information, and those that just lie?  There is nothing less professional than knocking the competition, I agree, but how are you, who are new to this business, going to find out otherwise?

I’ve been involved in the car industry for over 25 years now, actually tinting for over 17 years and I have been training people to set up in the tinting business for over 10 years (at least 40 courses in the last 12 months alone). I love it. Everyone has gone away with the knowledge needed, everyone has been able to tint, everyone had a fun (but tiring) 3 or 4 days, but not everyone has decided that it's for them.

What attracted me to the industry in the first place was the serious amount of money you can make, relatively easily, in a short space of time. As you’ll see later there are a lot of businesses out there with a physical ceiling on what you can earn. £250 is a lot to make in one day, but wouldn’t you rather earn £1000! Now this doesn’t happen often, BUT, the thing is, it can and it does happen.

£450k WRC Ford FocusAnother reason why I chose this business was the variety of the work. Check out the "Gallery" on my "Ultimate Tinting" site to see just a fraction of what we do. One day you can be doing the very latest cars in your unit, another day you could be at a multi-millionaires house tinting his swimming pool windows. Working on site tinting an F1 teams pit-wall computer huts windows or as in the picture, stuck in the back of a £450k WRC Ford Focus trying to apply the silver window tint behind the roll cage for the up coming WRC Rally of Sardinia ( unlucky Andreas!) It’s not all glamorous though, you might be stuck in your unit waiting for a "no show" or going around garages etc, touting for work. It’s my job not only to show you how to tint, but as you have me totally to yourself for 3 days, I’ll be showing you how to avoid these "no shows" and how to approach main dealers (should you choose to) plus lots lots more. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, SO USE ME, that’s what you’re paying for.

I’m a tinter, I’m your trainer, it’s my business, so the buck stops with me. If I wasn’t any good, I wouldn’t have been successful. Please check out my testimonials, they’re all TRUE. I also you encourage you to speak to guys who’ve just done my course. Hopefully this will all give you the confidence to choose my courses.

One last thing, which should say it all, 07919 891 011 is my number, ring it if you like, it'll be me you speak to. Now, just try and get the mobile number for the boss of Master Tinting/Wrapping... Didn't think so. Just think about that for a minute.

We've all seen bad tint jobs, let me show you how to do it right!!!!

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